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In 1977 the first HOBY Illinois Seminar was held.  Over the past 36 years, HOBY IL has held 1-3 seminars a year.  After 3 years of there being only 1 seminar site in IL, HOBY Illinois Central South (HOBY ILCS) was revived by Katie McKoon-Mathews in 2006.  The ’06 seminar had just 98 ambassadors.  The 2014 HOBY ILCS seminar had 151 ambassadors from over 80 schools.  Our territory is over 370 miles long and includes 86 of IL’s 102 counties.  For information about HOBY's history, visit hoby.org

In 2015, we celebrated our 10th year serving the students of Central and Southern Illinois with a special 4-day seminar.  This longest every seminar was so well received, that we will be hosting another 4-day program June 9-12, 2016 with more students and schools involved than ever before.

Awards for HOBY Illinois
Corporate Board Awards                                                               ILCS Leadership Seminar Awards
2004 CB President- Outstanding Latina Harris                                 1998-1999 Superior
2005 CB President- Outstanding Latina Harris                                 2000 Superior Jeanette Summers
2006 CB President- Outstanding David J. Mulvihill                           2001 Excellent Jeanette Summers
2007 CB President- Outstanding David J. Mulvihill                           2003 Superior Tracee Keyes
2014 CB President- Superior Matt Vlies                                          2004 Superior Heather Godsey
Alumni Chapter Awards                                                                 2006 Excellent Katie McKoon
1999 Alumni Chapter Award- Program Development                       2007 Excellent Katie McKoon
2000 Outstanding Alumni Chapter Jeanette Summers                       2008 Excellent Katie McKoon
Director and Misc. Awards                                                             2008 Excellent Stacie Finlen 
2006 Expansion Certificate                                                            2011 Excellent Michelle Hattan 
2011 Director of Recruitment Hillary Blackwell (Pick)                        2012 Excellent Michelle Hattan
2013 Director of Recruitment Michael Blackwell                               2013 Superior Hillary Blackwell
2013 Largest increase percentage of alumni logging hours in L4S     2014 Superior Hillary Blackwell
2014 Director of Recruitment Michael Blackwell                               2015 Superior Hillary Blackwell
2014 Registration Fee Pilot Program   
2015 Director of Recruitment Chase Tiffany                                                

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