Monday, June 30, 2014

Bring HOBY to your school!

We are on the hunt for 10 different locations 
to host a mini 1-day HOBY, 
otherwise known as a CLEW!

The Community Leadership Workshop (CLEW) is HOBY’s introductory one-day leadership program for high school freshmen. A typical CLeW is six to ten hours long, with 50-100 freshmen participants, and focuses on leadership as a discipline to be explored and learned.

HOBY CLeW students interact with local community leaders, participate in group activities, and conduct community service projects. CLeWs are organized, developed, and implemented by local business leaders, civic groups, volunteers, and HOBY alumni.  There are no fees associated with attending a CLeW. 

We are looking for 10 different location across the ILCS territory to be host sites for CLEWs.  To nominate your school/community there are 3 simple steps to follow:

1- Rally your HOBY friends and form a CLEW Crew.  A CLEW Crew is a group of HOBY alums(any site, any age) who work together to plan and staff the CLEW. 

2- Decide what school/community out of the CLEW Crew is the best area.  Students from surrounding schools can attend the CLEW, so it's good to be centrally located.

3- You the contact form on the left to let us know you are interested!  Share who is on your CLEW Crew and what school/community you think is the best fit. 

If you are generally interested to help with a CLEW but aren't attached to a Crew, use the form on the left as well!  We will help find a location/role that works for you.

Friday, June 27, 2014

HOBY Hibernation


We are officially out of our HOBY Hibernation and working on a big announcement for Monday!  Start a countdown and follow along on social media for clues all weekend long.

HOBY Hugs!